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‘SEHA’ is a representation of the Arabic term for health. Now, the SEHA Careers and Health System includes 12 hospitals using 2,644 beds, 46 Main Healthcare Clinic, 10 Infection Prevention and Screening Centere, 3 Mobile Clinics, 1 School Clinic, two Blood banks,4 Cosmetic Centers, two Employee Healthcare Center,and One Vaccination Center. It’s the largest health care community in the UAE, utilizing technologies and offering a continuum of care. The centers of SEHA run 41,000 surgeries and adapt 100,000 inpatients, in addition to treating over five thousand outpatients.
SEHA Careers have some job openings which are Consultant Physician, Senior Charge Nurse/Unit Manager and Many More.
SEHA Careers


Job Title Consultant Physician – Ophthalmology
Job Description Practices appropriate utilization of the organization’s resources.
Qualification Qualification from Tier 1 or Tier 2.
Location UAE
Posting Date 17-Oct-2017
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Job Title Specialist Prosthodontics
Job Description Determine the indications and contraindications for the use of drugs.
Qualification NLT 2 years study duration in a university.
Work Experience No experience required
Location UAE
Posting Date 12-Oct-2017
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Latest Job Vacancies and Careers at SEHA Jobs
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